Recuitment Information



Apply: Lobby Manager (bakery channel)
Age requirement: 30year ~ 40year Title Requirements: Unlimited
Quantities: 1 Department: Sale Center
Education requirements: At least junior college Wages: Negotiation
Professional requirements: No Release time: 2016-06-14
Working area: Shanghai Deadline: 2016-09-12

Please send resume to

Capacity requirements:


Expand the market, implement sale plans, complete the sales and revenues targets.

1.Implement development strategies and promotion strategies in specific area

2.Implement budgets according to the plan.

3.Adjust and complete the development strategies

4.Adjust and complete promotion strategies.

5.Adjust and complete products expand strategies.

6.Adjust and complete clients expanding strategies.

Business Operations:

1.Allocate sales target properly.

2.Allocate budgets properly.

3.Organize workers properly.

4.Organize business activities properly.

5.Write regional sales weekly report and monthly report, hand in to sales manager.

6.Collect and analyze sales information, report to sales manager.

7.Complete expense management.

8.Reduce business costs.

9.Dispose sales information.

Channel Management:

1.Confirm channel expanding strategy and report to sales manager.

2.Understand the situation of channel expanding.

3.Provide services and supports for regional channel expanding.

4.Inspect the progress of channel expanding.

5.Enhance and complete services and supports.


Promotion Management:

1.Draw the regional season promotion plans, report to sales department.

2.Draw the regional season promotion implementation strategy.

3.Draw demanding products promotion plans in province.

4.Understand the implementation situations.

5.Facilitate business managers’ work

6.Provide services and support for business managers.

7.Optimize promotion strategies.

8.Increase the promotion implementation efficiency.


B: Education Requirement: 

1.At least junior college degree.


C: Work Experiences:

1. At least five years in related business.

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